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John Schaefer is not your typical computer geek.

Sure he’s got over a quarter century of experience in Information Technology, with a focus on Information Security. Which means that he wrote programs, maintained servers, and designed networks for some of the largest companies in the world. You know, typical computer geek stuff.

But while a lot of geeks believe that their technical abilities make them somehow better than non-geeks, John is not one of them. Instead, he believes that geeks have a responsibility to make technology easy to understand for everyone.

Which is why he’s also done some very non-geeky things. He’s lead international teams where he was the only native English speaker, he’s delivered technical project updates to corporate executives, and he’s presented security awareness training to packed auditoriums.

John’s biggest strength is his ability to explain complex technical information in ways that non-IT professionals can easily understand. That’s why he’s the Geek-to-English Interpreter.

He can help bridge gaps that exist between business needs, technology possibilities, and security requirements. This ensures that common sense reigns and FUDGE – Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Generalities, and Exaggerations – is eliminated.

If you’re interested in having John help your audience or organization, let’s have a conversation.